Kaweco Frosted - Sport Fountain Pen

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Modern fountain pen in fresh and fruity colours made of high-quality plastic.

The writing implements from the Frosted Sport series come in fresh, pastel colours and are characterized by a slightly opaque, milky plastic. The series gives the classic Kaweco Sport a completely modern touch. Matching the cool tones, the elements such as the logo cap were kept in silver.

Five different nib sizes are available for the fountain pen, from extra fine to extra broad. While the extra fine nib (EF) is suitable for small and delicate handwritings, the extra broad (BB) nib is often used for large, dramatic signatures. For beginners, we recommend the nib size medium (M). All nibs are made in Germany.

As a perfect addition to the Frosted Sport writing instruments, Kaweco offers suitable refills, inks in eleven vivid colours and elegant clips in silver, gold, bronze or black.


  • Unique high-quality pen with a semi-transparent frosted design and colour finish
  • Replaceable nibs
  • Uses international standard ink cartridges
  • Includes one blue ink cartridge


  • Material: Plastic
  • Warranty: Manufacturer Limited Lifetime Warranty

Size & Weight Chart:

SKU ListLength OpenedLength ClosedWeight
KW-100018XX Blush Pitaya
KW-100018XX Fine Lime
KW-1000187X Light Blueberry
KW-100016XX Natural Coconut
KW-1000184X Soft Mandarine
KW-1000183X Sweet Banana
5.1 in
13 cm
4.1 in
10.5 cm
10.7 g